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Posted on 2022-04-09

Creating A Yahoo App

Note: You don’t need Yahoo approval for your app to work

Login to your Yahoo account, then go to;


* Click on “App”

Click on “Create an App”

Fill out your App details by;

* Giving your app a name

* Select “Web Applications, as your application type

* Enter your custom domain name

* Your callback URL should be

* Check OpenID

Under OpenID, make sure these 2 options are selected

* Email

* Profile

Click to “Create App”

Locate your Yahoo App;

* Client ID

* Client Secret

Login to your MoxiLead dashboard

While inside your MoxiLead dashboard;

* Under settings

* Click on Social Apps

* Click on “New Channel”

* Select “Yahoo” from the apps “Type’

* Paste your Yahoo Client ID and secret key”

* Locate your custom domain and save.

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