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Posted on 2022-04-08

Creating Twitter App

Note: You don’t need Twitter approval for your app to work

Login into Twitter for Developers

First you will need to go to Twitter for Developers and Login into your twitter Account.

After registering hover over your “Twitter name” and click on “Apps”

Click on create new project

Name your app to continue

Click on “App Settings” don’t stop here.

Note: Your app will not work if you don’t complete the steps.

Click to “Edit” the authetications settings

* Enable 3-legged OAuth

* Enable request email address from users

* Enter your callback URL which should be 

* Fill others and save

Click on “Keys and Tokens”

* Copy your API key

* Copy your API secret key

* Login to your MoxiLead social app area and connect it with Twitter app

While inside your MoxiLead dashboard;

* Under settings

* Click on Social Apps

* Click on “New Channel”

* Select “Twitter” from the apps “Type’

* Paste your Twitter API key and secret key”

* Locate your custom domain and save.

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