Posted on 2022-04-08

Zapping your Leads via Webhook

Login to your Zapier account and click on “Make a Zap”

* Under “Choose app and events” search for “Webhook by Zapier”

* Under “Choose trigger event” select “Catch Hook” and click on “Continue”

* Then on “Continue” button again

* Click on “Test Zap” to reveal your Webhook URL.

* Copy your Webhook URL to MoxiLead

Inside MoxiLead:

* Under “Settings” click on “Integrations” then on “Add new Integrations” button.

* Open the “Type” dropdown and select “Zapier”

* Name your webhook and paste your Webhook URL.

* Test connection and create.

Back To Zapier:

* Under “2. Do This” click on the ‘+” icon.

* Search for the application you want to connect and sync Zapier with.

* Under choose app and event, in our case it will be “Create Subscribers” and click to “Continue”.

* You will be prompted to login to your application to connect Zapier. After the connection, click on “Continue”

* Locate your account and “List” name

* Select email and name fields and click on “Continue”

* Test your Zaps and Turn it on.

Log back into MoxiLead and click to create a “Campaign” and sync your leads to “Zapier” under “Sync subscribers with 3rd party”.

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