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Posted on 2022-03-01

Universal access is very important to us. We follow web standards and check to make everything usable also with keyboard and assistive software such as screen readers. We aim to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 on AA level, with the high contrast theme even on AAA level.

Zoom and responsiveness

The MoxiDrive interface is fully responsive and usable on any size of screen. You can zoom in and out to fit the text and element size to your liking. The navigation and sidebar can be expanded or collapsed.

Navigating via keyboard

You can navigate the web interface with keyboard only just like you can with the mouse:

Tab and Shift + Tab to move between elements

Enter or Space to activate or open the element (depending on the type of element)

Escape to be used to close modals, popover menus, and file viewers

Left arrow and Right arrow to navigate between photos in the viewer

Ctrl + F to focus the search field

Ctrl + S to save changes in editors like Nextcloud Text

For quicker navigation, we offer 2 “skip links” at the beginning of the document which allow you to:

Skip to main content

Skip to navigation of app

MoxiDrive Talk has shortcuts which are also documented inside the settings of the app itself:

C to focus the message input field

Escape to unfocus the message input field to be able to use shortcuts

F to fullscreen the chat or call

While in a call:

M to toggle the microphone on and off

V to toggle video on and off

Space for push to talk or push to mute

R to raise or lower hand

MoxiDrive Mail has shortcuts as well, also documented inside the settings of the app itself:

C to compose a new message

Left arrow to switch to a newer message

Right arrow to switch to an older message

S to toggle a message as favorite

U to toggle a message unread

Del to delete a message

Ctrl + Enter to send

R to refresh and load new mails

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