Transfer Ownership

Posted on 2022-03-01

Users can transfer the ownership of files and folders to other users. Sharing ownerships of those transfered files/folders will also be transferred.

1. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Sharing > Files.

2. Click on Choose file or folder to transfer >> A file picker opens, showing all files and folders in the user’s account.

3. Pick a file or folder and click on Choose >> The chosen file or folder name gets displayed.

4. Click on Change to change the choice if necessary.

5. Pick a new owner by typing their name into the search field next to New owner.

6. Click on Transfer.

7. The target user receives a notification where they are being asked whether to accept or reject the incoming transfer.

8. If accepted, the target user finds the transferred files and folders in their root under a folder Transferred from [user] on [timestamp].

9. The source user gets informed about the acceptance or rejection by a notification.

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