Posted on 2022-04-08

Generating Your Links

Before creating your links, you need to first create a campaign.

Learn how to create a campaign here

Click on the “Link” tab, then on “New Link”

Creating your MoxiLead link;

* Add your “Target URL” – This should be the URL your visitors will be redirected to after giving their data access.

* From the “Select campaign” dropdown, select the campaign you created.

* Give your link a “tag” to differentiate it from other links

* Enter your page header content 

* Click the “fetch info” to fetch the meta content of your target URL. This information will appear as your link preview.

Click the “Customize tab in other to customize the background of your landing page;

* Select your choice page background color

* Your preferred text color

* Or you can also upload your own landing page background.

* Endeavor to click the “Create link” at the top.

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