Correct Chatbot Flow Structure for Comment Auto Reply

Posted on 2022-04-22

You must use the correct Chatbot flow structure for your Comment-auto-reply campaigns to avoid Error#10900

Facebook will not allow your Page to send too many messages at once after a comment is created by customer.

Meaning.. you have to use a correct Flow Structure.

Instead of sending too many messages at once after the comment, your should send only 1 Message.

Wrong Chatbot Flow Structure For Comment Auto Reply:

The sample Chatbot flow structure below shows a wrong structure for Comment Auto reply.

With this structure, the chatbot will send more than 1 message to the Facebook user who commented on your post.

What would happen is, Facebook will only send the first message - and the rest will not be sent.

This Flow structure would trigger Error #10900

 ✅ Correct Chatbot Flow Structure For Comment Auto Reply:

You should only send 1 message after the comment and only send the rest of the messages after your subscriber engages with your Bot.

Add a Button or a Quick-reply on your first chatbot element to send only 1 Message

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