Synchronizing with macOS

Posted on 2022-03-01

Synchronizing with macOS

Setup your Accounts

In the following steps you will add your server resources for CalDAV (Calendar) and CardDAV (Contacts) to your MoxiDrive.

1. Open the system preferences of your macOS device.

2. Navigate to Internet Accounts:

3. Click on Add Other Account… and click on CalDAV Account for Calendar or CardDAV Account for Contacts:


You can not setup Calendar/Contacts together. You need to setup them in separate accounts.

4. Select Manual as Account-Type and type in your respective credentials:

Username: Your MoxiDrive username or email

Password: Your generated app-password/token

Server Address: URL of your MoxiDrive server (

5. Click on Sign In.

For CalDAV (Calendar): You can now select, with which applications you want to use this resource. In most cases, this will be the “Calendar” application, sometimes you may also want to use it for your Tasks and reminders.

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