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Posted on 2022-04-08 Updated on 2022-04-08

Social Apps

Generating your own API credentials to use on your social links and custom domains…

Facebook App

Note: You don’t need Facebook approval for your app to work

Login into Facebook for Developers

First, you will need to go to Facebook for Developers and Login into your Facebook Account.

Register To Become A Facebook Developer

If you are not a Facebook Developer click on “Get Started”, accept the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy, and then click on Register.

Verify Your FB Account

Where your Facebook account is not verified you will be prompted to verify it. After completing all the requested details click on Register

Facebook App Creation

Click on my apps,

* Select “Create New App”

* Give your app a name

* Select your FB business account if you have one, its not mandatory… Skip it!

* Click on “Create App ID”

After entering your App URL make sure to click on “Save”

Hover over “Settings” on the left and click on “Basic”

* Add your website URL always start with https://

* Add your privacy policy URL. For our case we will be using the same URL as our custom domain URL.

* If you have an app icon upload it. Pay attention to the recommended pixel size of 1024 by 1024

* Select your “category” which should be ‘Messenger bot for business”

* Under “Business Use”: Check “provide service to other businesses”.

* Then “Save Changes”

Under “PRODUCTS” hover over “Facebook Login and click on “Settings”

* Locate “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” field and enter your Facebook callback URL. In your case it should be Please make sure to use your own custom domain or subdomain and not as you see here. Always start with https:// do not include www.. In our test, my call back URL will be 

* Always make sure to click on “Save Changes”

Next Make Your APP LIVE

* Toggle the icon to turn it LIVE

* Click on “Switch Mode”

Now Your App Is Live

Again, click on Basic under Settings

Copy your app ID

Click on Show beside “App Secret”

It will prompt you to log back in to your app in other to reveal your app secret code.

Copy both your “App ID and “App Secret” to your MoxiLead “Social App” and enter it there.

Add Facebook IDs To Your Social App

* First make sure you have added the custom domain you used in creating the Facebook App.

Connect To Your Facebook App

* Click on “Social App”

* New Channel

* Select Facebook from the app “Type”

* Give your app a name

* Paste your Facebook App ID and App Secret

* Select your custom domain

* Click on create

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