Creating a Variable Downloadable Product Type

Posted on 2022-04-26

Best used for digital products with multiple variant option.

1. Enter Product Name

2. Ensure the toggles are set to Variable and Digital/Downloadable Product Type

3. Upload Main Image

4. Customize your variant options

 1. Option Name

 2. Option Type

 * Radio

 * Select

 3. Option Values

5. Input Original Selling Price, Sale Price (if On Sale toggle is turned on) and Stock Level for each variant

6. Upload variant image

7. Upload variant digital file (or paste a link to download page)

8. Specify the Maximum Number of Download Limits

9. Specify the number of Days To Expiry 

10. Define Product Category

11. Enter Product Description

Pro tip: With MoxiCommerce, you can auto generate product descriptions.

12. Add more images in the product library

13. Configure customer reviews

 1. Toggle Show reviews

 2. Click Configure Product Reviews

 3. Click Add Review

 4. Enter customer review

 5. Click Confirm to add customer review

13. Optimize Page Title & Meta Description for SEO

14. Click Submit

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