Creating a Funnel Offer

Posted on 2022-04-26

There are 2 ways to create an offer page - Funnel and Shop Page Builder

From Funnels Page:

1. Go to Ecommerce > Funnels

2. Select the store you want to create funnels for

3. Select the Funnel you want to create offer for

4. Click Offer Name

5. Select Create New

From Page Builder

1. Go to Ecommerce > Shop Pages

2. Select the store you want to create offer page for

3. Click Theme Templates

4. Choose Very Last Offer

5. Click Use This Template

Customizing Offer Page

Double click any content box to edit

2. Edit the countdown timer to add urgency

* Set Deadline (Minutes) of offer expiry

* Set Start Delay (Seconds) of offer expiry

* Display Timer Labels to show days, hours, minutes and seconds in the offer page

3. Edit product box

 1. Choose product to offer

2. Select product quantity for offer

3. Configure Product Offer Price

* Subtract From Effective Price - Amount to deduct from non-offer price

* Fixed Price - Amount to override non-offer price

* Percentage of Sales Price - Percentage of the non-offer price

* Percentage of Original Price - Percentage of the original product price

4. Enter the Product Offer Value

5. Configure Product Title. If you leave blank, it will show the original product title

6. Choose whether to show or hide product description

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